Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Winter Clothing

The weather is slowly becoming cold. Someone asked me the other day, "The weather won't be so cold after Christmas right?"

Yeah.. the popular notion, or at least for people who never generally experience the cold, we all think that cold weather is only for December and after that, its spring.

Nope. February is the coldest month. Sometimes even up to March.

I am seriously not looking forward to it. Especially driving in the snow. Oh goodness.

But shopping for winter clothing is fun. Been shopping for winter boots for quite sometime now. I didn't know brands like Northface have boots. I thought Northface only provides winter jackets and stuff. Or even Northface backpacks. But cute little Northface boots?

I want one.

Should be good quality for the extreme cold right? Not that I live in Alaska but still..

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