Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Peace of Mind

Health insurance these days are so crazily expensive!!! My undergraduate college used to provide insurance for me and I think it was only about $800 in total for a year but over here in CT its a whooping $1600!!!! That's like freaking double the price!!!!

Totally crazy I tell you. How can an average person afford it? And did you know that New Haven is the 4th highest crime rate city in the US? I hope dad doesn't read my blog. Coz seriously.. I remember asking someone.. "What do you mean when you say that some neighborhoods here are unsafe? How unsafe is unsafe?"

Know what this person's answer was?

"Means that shooting happens!"

o.O Are you serious? Shooting? I stay in a neighborhood where shooting happens?

Hahha.. mum you're not reading my blog right? Don't worry I'm still alive.

I digress. My point is.. Medical insurance are expensive but medical bills are more expensive. I mean I'm not sure if all doctors are paid well. There's the surgeons, therapist, prosthetist jobs, pharmacies... Point is not whether they earn a lot or not.. but what do we pay for their services. We are essentially, like what my housemate stated, paying for a "peace of mind."

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