Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello again Random Strangers!

I just noticed something interesting. Is there a way to earn money these days by leaving comments on people's blogs and at the same time, "accidentally" leaving a link to a website? I mean.. We know of all the random spam where sometimes you happily see that you have a comment on one of your post and when you click on it, its only a link or something. But these days, the comments are genuinely about the post you have just written! That it is actually by real people!

You feel your heart leap a tiny bit when you read that a random stranger actually cares for what you wrote but then your eyes skims down and you see a random word like "window cleaner" or something. And you're like.. "sigh.. this person is only reading your blog because he/she needs to"

Ah well.. at least its a step higher than imaginary readers! =)

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