Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Car talk? What?

I had to go fix my car today. Argh.. doing all these things alone are scary and I seriously don't like it. >.< But what can one do.. Nothing.. you just have to take it in stride and be strong and independent! =(

Because I didn't have anyone to send me to the mechanic, I ended up waiting there from 8am to 1230pm. Luckily I had my law books with me so time actually passed by pretty fast. Surprisingly. I have to go back again tomorrow to continue fixing it. Something to do with the wheel bearer. God knows what that is.

Cars are such a mystery to me. I'm like the typical girl where once you talk about sports, or give me complicated road directions, or talk about car parts, I just zone out. Completely. Muffler? Chrome Wheels? V6? Don't even think about it.

The other day, my law professor was giving a hypothetical and he was explaining the concept of football in class and though I knew it is super important to always remain focused in class, my mind just went blank. It totally shut down and didn't want to function at all.

Stupid girl's brain. =.=


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