Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Furniture

I'm moving to a new area soon!!!!! Oh my goodness.. soo nervous I tell you. There's so many things I need to settle before school starts and I really don't know how I'm going to handle everything.

The most critical thing is first.. in my opinion.. is to get a bed. Or at least a mattress. =(

I need to be able to sleep on something. I think the apartment that I'll be staying does not have carpets installed but instead have wooden floors. I'm not complaining. I think its pretty and easier to maintain but.. but.. but.. it'll be hard.

So.. yes. I need to be able to get furniture for my place as soon as possible. Preferably rustic furniture because it gives the place a nice warm feel to it.

Argh.. *nervous*


Grover Gatchel said...

How's the apartment nowadays? It can be hard, but it's best to take your time when it comes to decorating. It's good when your budget is tight, though the hard part is keeping your vision intact as you decorate one piece of furniture at a time.

Anonymous said...

Rustic furniture styles can be found in any room of the house. The fabulous woods, polished logs, and entwined type charm is what has made rustic furniture such a popular choice with today's homeowners. Rustic furniture creates warmth, charm, sophistication, and style to your any room. Once you go rustic; you will never go back.

Allie Carrillo said...

Rustic furniture truly complement a wooden floor, and it makes a home look traditional. It’s like going back to the old days and you create a comfortable homey environment. My in-laws’ house is also filled with rustic decors and furniture. It’s fantastic and you’ll really enjoy the unique beauty that these fixtures give to the house.

Allie Carrillo

Anonymous said...

Rustic furniture used to be used in country homes and cottages all over the world. However, because more and more people have come to love the rustic look, this type of furnishings are being used in just about every style of house available, including condos, Victorian, and Greek revival. Very interesting!

Gerry said...

If you have a country home-type of house, rustic furniture is best for you! Rustic furniture and cabin decors will create a beautiful and cozy countryside atmosphere for your home that will match with your style of home! :) Matching your fixtures with the other details of your house, like the window treatments, is a great example.

Gerry Bossier