Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Last Minute Packing

Sometimes I really don't know where my home is. Is it in M'sia? Vietnam? Or the US? And because I travel so much, the chances of me leaving things around is super high, especially with my careless attitude. =.=

Just the other day, I was rushing to pack for my stuff because we were leaving for the airport in 15 minutes time. And being a procrastinator as I am, only waited till the very last minute to pack my stuff. And guess what I forgot?

Tons of stuff!

Ok.. you might not think its important things. Stuff like my favorite pair of scissors, my mosquito repellant, my echo trimmers (ok.. this belongs to my dad), my favorite necklace..

But these things hold a whole new different meaning when you know you wont be seeing them for at least a year!!!

I know you might say more reasons to buy new things and do more shopping but... Sigh..

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