Thursday, March 31, 2011

Messy Wallet

Argh.. wallet these days seriously need to be much bigger. Or shops need to find a better way to give out discounts or maintain customer's loyalty.

I'm so tired of keeping reward cards from 20 thousand different groceries stores, departmental stores and boutiques. Not to mention movie theaters, restaurants, and even my favorite frozen yogurt places.

Seriously.. how can one ever keep track?

Though come to think of it, I think sooner or later, somebody is going to be able to a reward program where you will only need to show your smart little phone and voila! You can get discounts and collect stamps.

Maybe they even already have it.

1 comment:

Birthmark said...

I noticed only ladies keep these reward/discount/promo or whatever card you called it.

Up to a point you don't even know you have it in the first place.