Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vrooom Vrooom

What kind of car do you like driving? I miss my stick shift/manual car back home in Malaysia. Correction, even if I do go back to Malaysia, I can't drive it anymore because my parents sold my precious first manual car.

*sob* I miss it!

I love having the feeling of being able to hold the steering wheel with one hand, and having the other hand change gears. Or the feel of listening to the engine and knowing when to change gears. The only thing that suck is of course while you're stuck in traffic but when you're racing down a freeway.. sigh.. the exhilaration.

I don't think driving a zero turn mower would have the same feeling either. Its probably battery operated or something. Or uses automatic gear shift like a auto car.


1 comment:

Birthmark said...

Wow. A stick lady! Not many girls I know would prefer a stick than auto tranny.

Wait... does my statement sounded wrong...?