Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Precious Car

To sell or not to sell my car. That is the question.

Bargh.. driving my car for almost two years now is seriously making me really sentimental towards my precious car. I mean.. she (right now the car is a "she." Sometimes its a "he," I can't really decide) has been loyal to me for this entire time even though she's quite old and I haven't really been taking good care of her.

And the best part is, she has really affordable car insurance too. Mainly because she's old that's why I'm not paying crazy amount of money of her insurance.

She has never fail on me before. Ever! *touch wood* and I absolutely love her! Granted she's not the prettiest or the most luxuriest, or the fastest either.. but... I love her.

What am I gonna do with her after I graduate? I mean if I'm going to stay in California, the decision will be quite simple but what if I don't? Do I drive to wherever I'm going or do I sell it? If I do, who do I sell it too???

What should I do? Wah.. decisions decisions and time is running out!

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