Thursday, November 04, 2010

Frosted Flakes!

Who said cereal is only for breakfast? To me, cereal is dessert. =) Good healthy desert. I love Frosted Flakes. The sugary coated cornflakes is just the perfect ending to a not so great dinner.

Don't you think so? Its healthy, unlike a plate of cheesecake that is just full of fat and calories. You don't have to go and search high and low of the perfect, and safe diet pills that work. Em.. if you didn't know already.. dieting takes effort. There's no short cut for anything. And.. At least for cereal, you know you're getting your daily dose of protein because of the milk. When else would you drink milk then if you don't eat it with your cereal? I know I don't.

So.. moral of the story. Cereal is the best form of dessert.

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