Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can you call me back?

Daddy's birthday is coming soon. Its so sad but after coming to the US for studies, I havent been able to celebrate birthdays with anyone of my family anymore. And its gonna be the 4th year this year. Argh.. is this what chasing your dream means? To be away from people close to you? Booohoo.. I hate this.

Anyhow, daddy's birthday is on the 20th of Nov. And haha.. me as the terrible daughter is not planning to send anything besides giving daddy a "misscall" because its expensive to call him. Its better that daddy calls me back. I know I know.. I'm horrible but... Hehe..

Wonder what mum is gonna get dad? I know she'll definitely not go to any men's clothing store to get anything since.. I don't know.. as far as I know, mum has never given dad anything for his birthday.

Wonder why?

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