Saturday, October 23, 2010

Losing Weight

I have a swim meet tomorrow. Urgh.. My first swim meet in 2 years! I can't believe two years have passed and I'm a senior now. Where did all the time go? What is time anyway? When it passes you and suddenly you change from a 6 year old girl to a 23 year old girl. What does that even mean?

Haha.. I'm being philosophical here. Ignore me.

You know.. you would have think that being on the swim team would make me nice, lean and thin. But.. I think I read a article during the summer that says exercise actually doesn't make you lose weight. If anything, you gain weight after exercising because of your new found muscles and everything. I mean.. not sure why you want to lose weight for if you're not overweight. You can try those crash diets that work but.. the whole point is to be healthy right? And to lead a balance life. What's the point of not eating, and then losing weight? What do you get from that?

I dunno.. People are just weird sometimes. I feel that way too. *shrugs*

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