Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will You be My friend if I don't Smoke?

My mum hates smoking. Ever since I was young, I was kinda brought up to "hate" smokers. Every time my mum spots a smoker, she will give them an evil glare. Come to think of it, I don't think she even has any smoker friends!

Which actually lead me to kinda discriminate against smokers too. I don't know.. to be honest, I think they're kinda intimidating too. I mean can you imagine being with someone that smokes arturo fuente cigars? Will they punch me in the face, or take out a gun when they see me not smoking? Ok ok. I may be exaggerating and stereotyping a little.. but.. Will they not wanna be my friend because they don't think I'm "cool" enough? Just because I don't smoke? How should I act around a smoker? Will they feel uncomfortable with me sitting next to them, not smoking, thinking that I'm judging them because I don't smoke?

Damn.. either I think too much or this relationship between smokers and non-smokers is just too complicating.

Though.. haha.. I did find a friend.. a very good friend actually that smokes. And initially I did think of all those questions.. But now.. Just as long as you don't blow the smoke to my face, I'm totally "cool" with it. =)

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