Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Traveling Light

Every single time I travel, I'm always super nervous. Seriously. I used to always "look down" on people that get agitated and edgy when it is their time to board the plane, or even travel somewhere. For me, its not that I hate flying. Its the process that totally freaks me out.

The packing, the over-packing, the fear that you might miss the flight, but at the same time you don't want to arrive there too early because there's nothing to do in the airport. I absolutely hate the whole process!!!

I know I know.. I have this bad habit of bringing too many things. But but.... Its not that I want to. I need those stuff! >.< Those 10 books in my luggage, I mean.. what if the plane gets stranded in some island, I need to prepare myself so I wont be bored to death. Those 10 sweaters to Hawaii? I mean, you never know.. global warming and everything. It gets pretty crazy.

Thankfully I have managed to put on my big, round puppy eyes and melt my way around not paying for my overweight luggage. But I seriously think that this is not gonna last long. Maybe I should get myself deuter backpacks. Then because I have such a small luggage bag, I'll be compelled to not bring "sooooo" many things. Right???

Sigh.. Human disease.

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