Friday, September 03, 2010

Doors with Lock!

I just moved into my dorm for the last time this week. Can you believe it? I'm already in my senior year. This is my fourth and last year in SUA! Ahhh.. I dont' want to leave.... *sob*

The senior dorms are kinda different compared to the other dorms. For one thing, we all have separate doors even if you live in a suite, meaning you share with another one student. And most importantly, which I was really shock, the doors have lock!!! Each room has a lock inside! We never had a lock inside before. I mean, the doors would lock automatically when we go outside and we need a key card to get access into the rooms, but the door never had a manual lock before!!!

Wah..... This is so weird! Its like the Baldwin door hardware!!! Can you imagine having your own lock??? Oh my goodness!!! Imagine the range of things we can do inside?

Wahahah... shhhhhh...

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