Friday, June 04, 2010

I will not give up

Haha.. Nowadays, I either blog about love or about dieting. Pretty boring huh. Its like there's nothing other than those two stuff in my life now. Actually, its pretty much true. The problem I have in my relationship is pretty much taking up all my energy nowadays.

But its okay. I always thought that I was immune to love problems and always wondered why others would feel so painful when it comes to love. Coz I never exactly experienced it before. And you may call me arrogant but I also used to think that people who couldn't get over their love problems were weak. Because there's more problems out there than your own little self. There's world peace, cancer, AIDS to solve. But love? Are you serious?

So I guess its really a good thing having me go through this process. But sometimes I'm just impatient and want to get this over and done with. Like why is it taking so long? Why do I still feel down every single day?

But things are improving. I will not give up. I must have faith. And today is a good day. I'm feeling optimistic. And no matter what you say (that includes you dad. I will not give up. There's nothing wrong about chanting for even the tiniest stuff). So there.

But thanks though for throwing me that problem. It made me chant even more. And that's a good thing! <3!

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