Saturday, June 05, 2010

House hopping!

I'm so fortunate to always have the opportunity to stay in wonderful families' houses when I don't have places to stay. Daddy calls it squatting in people's homes but I consider it homestay. Haha.. how else do you explain being able to stay in Japanese or Mexican families' homes and eating their food? Oooh.. I'm seriously soooooo fortunate. Hehe.. thank you sooo much!

The family that I'm now staying with is soooo healthy! Seriously. Everything is homecooked and organic. And the mum even counts calories for the food. Not that anyone is fat. Actually everyone is super skinny with perfect bodies but they're still super conscious about food. Must be for health reasons. But its really good. I think I'm gonna lose weight too, although I'm only staying here for 2 weeks. Boohoo.. I'm gonna miss the food here the most. Wah...

Remember the apidexin scam a while ago? Who needs diet pills when you have such an amazing family to stay with?

Thank you sooooo much!!!! <3!

*bursting with appreciation*

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