Saturday, June 05, 2010

What if....

Sometimes I still wonder what I would have become if I ended up studying in M'sia. First of all, I'm pretty sure I'll still be in the science stream, maybe studying something about biomedical stuff, or engineering. Compared to then, the now me has no inkling whatsoever about what sciences are anymore. All my form 6 knowledge have all gone back to the teachers. All the advance Physics, Chemistry and Biology that I struggled so much in my pre-university days are now gone. I can't even remember simple basic stuff anymore.

It sucks I tell you.

I'm sure if I was still in the science field, I would be able to identify for certain what are the fda approved diet pills and what ingredients they have. Name them and draw their structures out. Now.. oh god. Zero. Zilch. Gone.

All science knowledge returned to the fierce people that were teaching me.

And seriously, life would be soooo much different if I stayed in Malaysia. >.<

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