Friday, March 26, 2010

Drumming Through the Night

My dad just recently bought a set of drums for my brother. Electronic drums to be exact! Thank goodness I have already kinda moved out of the house. Oh my goodness. Imagine having someone playing the drums at weird hours of the day. Even if its daylight, I don't think I can stand just random sounds. Its not even music! How can anyone like drumming. Though electronic drums are suppose to be better because you can alter the volumn or even wear headphones but according to my brother, it feels different.

Argh. Imagine having stainless steel drums. Though technically I really have never seen one before. I wonder how the sound will be like? Is it nosier I thought stainless steel just mean that its stronger and wont rust. Why would one want drums that wont rust? Ok. Stupid question. =.= But I really wonder if the sound is different. Hmm..

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