Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nerdy Story

Yay!!! I'm sooo happy Liz posted! Hehe.. I love your picture Liz! I havent seen a update picture of you in ageeees! Hehe.. Muaaaaaaaarx! *sending kisses thru the internet now*

So I'm sooooo happy right now. I'm such a nerd that the only thing that makes me happy now always concerns academic. So bear with me here while I tell u about my nerdy story.

I had two papers due tomorrow (Wednesday). International Law and Topics of Governance (10 to 12 pages!) And I was stressing the whole week for these two papers. And I had one due this morning too for Gender and Society but its done so (hehe..!). Then yesterday Lisa sent us an email saying she has extended her paper till Friday. I was already really happy with that email coz now I have one paper due Wed, and one due Friday. Not the same day.

Then this afternoon, I received another email by Clare that the Topics of Governance class's paper is now due on Friday (or so I thought) and though I was kinda happy I was like "oh no.. two papers due on the same day again. But I shall try and work with it earlier"

THEN! (are u bored already? Boohoo.. Haha.. ) I went to the cafeteria and kinda almost argued with a student again coz I tot the paper was due THIS Friday but instead its due ONE MONTH from now! April 30th!!!

Did u hear me Charmaine? Our paper is due in another months time! We have one month extension!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooo!!!

Ok.. Now I have to make sure I start early. =(

Repeat after me Princess Shin: Do not procrastinate. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

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