Friday, March 26, 2010

My Poor Laptop

Oh my god.. I don't think people will even believe me when I tell them that my laptop only last for 5 minutes with its battery. o.o Can you believe it? It used to be 20 minutes. Like, when I first turn on my laptop, the battery will be in full life and 10 minutes later, it'll go down to 50%. Now, only after 1 minute, I'm left with about 60%! And it goes down rapidly after that!

Argh.. its as if I have desktop computers even though I have a laptop. Coz my laptop permanently stays on my desk. Why??? I dont understand how other people's laptop can even last for 10 hours! What did I do to deserve such a bad battery? boohoo..

What should one do to NOT shorten the life of one's battery? I heard you shouldn't leave the battery inside the laptop and keep recharging it but others also told me that taking it out will cause it to die faster too!

All these rumors. Help me someone!

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