Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Seasonal Appreciation

Its starting to be freezing cold here. >.< I never knew I will have the good fortune to study in a country with four seasons when I was young. Coming from Malaysia that only has summer all year long, you'll know how rare and precious four seasons is. Ask any kid and their dream would be to experience snow.

But god its tough here. Winter is making me fat. I always feel the need to eat more. I'm always and always hungry. Argh.. And riding a bicycle in 5 degrees celsius weather, without gloves is not a fun thing. My fingers feel as though they're about to drop off any moment. Seriously.. I wonder how cold my fingers can get. And its not even below zero yet.

I don't know how people can stay outdoors. And it gets sooo dark sooo fast. By 430pm its dark already. It makes people feel so gloomy.. I love the sun now. Gone are the days of lazing outside with your favorite patio cushions enjoying the sun. I know Malaysians avoid the sun at all cost, and I used to think those "whites" that come to our country are weird because they sit under the sun until they're tomatoes!!! But now I fully appreciate the sun.

The sun is just amazing.

Though on the other hand, being able to experience cold is quite amazing too. =)

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Plunny said...

I once experienced -20, the feeling is so numb and it felt like my none of my body parts is actually attached to my main body. And when the wind blows, OMGGGGG.........hehehhee