Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lollipop Land?

Friends that know me know that I have this bad habit of changing common words. I used to hate my mum when she did that. For example, I'm from SUA right? So we all pronounced it as S-U-A. But my mum likes to just make it a word, instead of pronouncing the alphabets, she pronounces it as "sua,' which makes no sense at all.

It sounds weird to begin with.

When I first came to US, I realize that the usage of gps is soo common there. But I always confuse gps with GPRS. Do you know GPRS? We use it in Malaysia for broadband service. Something to do with communications. My friends would look at me with wide eyes whenver I use GPRS when I actually meant GPS. Although after a while they would know what I'm referring to.

I love my friends.

But the point is, I actually like that I change stuff. First of, it makes me special. Wahhahahaha... and.. it kinda like a secret code name between my close friends.

Dont ya think that's sweet? <3!

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