Sunday, December 06, 2009

Cleaning Time

Urgh.. Japan is lovely and all.. (not really) but I really don't get their culture sometimes. Or maybe its just the university that I'm living in.

Do you remember when we Malaysians were in high school, and we had our yearly "gotong royong" where the whole student body would work together to clean the whole school? I used to hate those days. Students would intentionally skip that day and the school eventually made it compulsory to go to those days otherwise you'll face punishment the next day.

Now.. even in my dorm, we have "gotong royong." And guess what? Its twice a week. Everyone has to take turns cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, copper sinks area, and tables. Not to mention taking out the trash and vacuming the floor.

I can feel my fingers getting rougher by the day. >.<

We have to use bleach to clean the sink. Use cloth to wipe the floor with our bare hands, and the list goes on. What's worst, Japan has a crazily detailed way to recycle their trash. I'm not saying its a bad thing but they really separate their trash. Its sooo troublesome! Its horrible!

Though I guess its a good training for our future roles as a wife. Now we can clean, and cook! What more can u ask for?

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