Friday, November 20, 2009

Money money money.. where are you hiding?

Being in Japan is soooo costly! Its crazy. Maybe its because I'm from Malaysia where everything is so cheap compared to the US dollars but argh.. if you want to live overseas.. you should not convert stuff back to Malaysian Ringgit!!!

Watching movies here cost about 1500 yen! That's almost about USD20!!! That's about RM70!!! Approximately! Can you believe that? And we only spend RM10 to watch a movie back in Golden Screen Cinemas.

Being a student, it sometimes makes you envy those people that have their own small business. Be it on ebay selling ur old stuff, or making your own jewelry in Of course earning money wont be easy but at least you have some sort of income. And you can get merchant services to help you out on your business.

On the other hand.. working is hard. How???

Why doesn't money grow on tress like my mum always say?

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