Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Present in the Mail?

One thing about long distance relationship is that you wont be able to celebrate each other's birthday, anniversaries and other important dates. It sucks though seriously. I wish there was a door or a fireplace for us to just get into it, and appear next to our lover at the other end.

Like Harry Potter. *boohoo*

So all we can do is to think of other ways to make the day as special as possible.

Though unfortunately postage can be quite harsh on some people. Especially poor students like me. US is one example that charges crazily for a super small package.

Surprisingly though, its super cheap to send packages overseas from Japan. I totally would not have expected it but.. o.O Don't tell Cody though I hope its safe. You know Malaysian postmen. They tend to like the stuff inside the packages.

I'm also buying a lot of stuff here. (hope my dad isn't reading it) and I think my only option is to send it back to the US. I definitely will not be able to fit it inside my suitcase and overweight is not an option. You can even send a luggage thru postal mail. Even an Eagle Creek luggage. Hehe.. Harajuku here I come! Cute winter clothing here I come! yay!!!


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