Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Japan Land

Oh my god. I know I havent been blogging for a while now but guess where I am now!


Nihon!!!! (don't know why it sounds so different with Japan!)

I'm in the land of the rising sun! My study abroad has just begun!!!! Can you believe that?

Of course you can. You're not the one living my life. 0.o Haha..

I'm staying in Hachioji now. The weather is still not that cold yet but I know come December/January its gonna be super cold. I'm only gonna live here for the next 4 months but I don't know what I'm gonna do when winter comes. I really want my family to come to Japan but its gonna be super cold for them. And everything is sooo expensive here. Don't really know where they can stay.

Anyone has any suggestions?

South California is definitely not cold if compared with Japan. Oh no... I'm sure they have heaters in the dorms, together with good furnace filters and all but it take me 20 mins to walk to school!!! What am I gonna do when I'm outside! I need winter clothing!!! But how am I gonna fit everything inside my luggage bag when I return to US?

Oh no.. lots of questions. How how how?

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