Sunday, September 06, 2009

My handsome Prince

Every girl's dream is to attend a elegant dinner with her prince and be a Cinderella for a day. Who wouldn't want to dress up out of the extraordinary and wait for her prince to be in total awe and melt in front of her? I went to my high school prom with Cody. Even though we didn't go as dates but we did have a fun time that night.

However, because we're studying in different countries. Everytime either one of us has any formal dinners, the other party is not in the same country to attend the party. I hate it though. I have my winter formal every year and although I dress up, there's no Cody there. =(

I love seeing him in a tuxedo. I guess it gives me the impression, even for a second that's he's my prince charming that's living in a castle and everything and I'm his fair maiden princess. Not some punk rock star that lives on t-shirts and jeans everyday.

Not that I don't love that too. Hahha.. Its just something refreshing and I love it.

But that was almost 4 years ago. I wonder when will the next time be?

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