Thursday, June 11, 2009

Diapers would have saved the day..

I don't really wanna say this but.. "Singaporean food sucks!!!!" Argh... I don't know how people can eat the food there. Ok.. I'm not judging any particular food culture or anything but coming from Malaysia and having the food in Singapore almost similar to Malaysia's food, I know what is good food. Seriously.. And Singaporean hawker food is certainly horrible. >.<

Me and Cody went to Singapore for a holiday last week and we came back with a week of diarrhea! A whole week!!! Can u believe it? GOsh...

It was so bad that we almost had to use disposable diapers. Like the ones that old people use. Seriously.. so we don't have to worry about finding a toilet immediately when the need came.. And trust me that need was totally unpredictable. =.=

Never ever am I going to go to Singapore for hawker food anymore.

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