Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Apple Fan..

Boring dinner parties are really hard to endure if you first, do not understand the language, and second, you know nobody there.

I'm in Vietnam right now with my parents and my dad had a company dinner which I had to attend and oh god.. it was the longest night of my life. Ok.. it wasn't that bad but it wasn't exactly the most fun night either. The Vietnamese are an interesting lot. They certainly know how to have fun and are not shy to go out on stage and make fun of themselves. But because the whole dinner was conducted in Vietnamese, all the jokes that the emcee made totally flew pass me. Thank goodness I had my iTouch with me and the hotel had wifi. I don't exactly use my iTouch much but luckily I had it. I bought it about 6 months ago and last night was the first night I used the youtube function. I had doubts using the internet on my iTouch but I was surprisingly pleased with ease of it. It was sleek and easy to use. I absolutely love it!!!

I know I know... I'm totally biased with ipods. There are definitely a lot of brands out there that are better than the Apple but I'm totally a Apple girl. Haha.. =) Ipods are just so much cooler although they may be more expensive than the other brands and do not have as many functions. But I'm a loyal fan of the iPods and now.. the iTouch. Whaha.. I wonder what they are gonna come out with next. Can't wait.

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