Friday, June 19, 2009

Bitching Time!

Argh... So I haven't really been blogging seriously nowadays. And I think this seem to be the way I start my post too! Which is bad.. very bad. Ah well.. My imaginary readers will understand me right? I'll be going back to Malaysia soon and since that isn't my permanent house anymore, I wont have any internet access there unless I drop by Starbucks and pay 20 dollars for one cup of coffee.

Ahhh!!! I'm sooo angry! Ok.. this happen about 2 weeks ago but just thinking about it again makes me want to just stranggle that guy that made me sooo angry!!! WTF!!! >.<

That stupid guy that I'm talking about is Cody's stupid uni-mate. He's a close friend of Cody but for some weird reason, this guy has some adverse reaction towards me!!! I mean wtf??? I know Cody longer than you okay jerk!!!! What gives you the right to treat me this way!!! Irrespectful guy!!! Argh.. So mad so mad!!!

Even before I met him, he was already critisizing me in front of Cody. And all Cody could do was just brush it off! How do I know? Through Cody of course. Calling me fat and everything!!! Wtf!!! I havent even met you yet!!! And the first time we met, you totally treated me like I was invinsible or something!!! WTF?!!! Did I ever do anything wrong to you???

Or are you just jealous of me??? Do you want to date Cody or something??? You closet gay!!! >.<

And what is so wrong about going clubbing and wearing my glasses??? Is it wrong going clubbing with glasses? Is there a writen rule saying you can't do that? You shallow un-educated guy! No wonder you're gay.. fashion is so important to you right? I hate you!!!


Ok guys.. I'm turning into Xia Xue already. WTF? Ah well..

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