Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are a big thing back in SUA. For some weird reason, birthday celebrations have to be big and exaggerated to tell the person that we love them. So its always up to the close friends of the birthday girl or boy to plan something big. If the celebration is not a success, the birthday girl or boy will feel small and unloved.

Big pressure right?

For Jenny's birthday, who is one of my close friend, we decided to celebrate her birthday at the stroke of midnight using a bunch of candles to arrange her name. We bought about 180 candles from the supermarket and I think it cost about USD 10 dollars. Then we planned an elaborate "treasure hunt" for her that will ultimately lead her to a place where all of our friends were gathered.

It was really sweet. I think she really liked it. =) Although after that we didnt do anything at all anymore because we were too busy packing for the summer.

Notice the "love?" The girls arranged it with the 180 candles!

Using candle was really a great idea. Although I don't really know where all those candles went after that, all 180 of them. But it was really cool to see ur name glow in the dark with a bunch of candles. It would definitely be super romantic too if someone *hint* used candles to do some romantic thing too. Remember the house of candles in Grey's Anatomy? Sigh.. romantic.

Happy Birthday Jenny!


Anonymous said...

Guess who!...I think this is the first time I've ever left a comment here. hehe. ^^ I guess I am now included as an imaginary reader? I packed all 180 candles...they're now somewhere in my storage.

-Princess Shin- said...

You stalker! How did u find my blog. =.= And who are u? Haha.. I can't remember who packed the candles!!! Stalker!!! Reveal urself!!!