Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What the "F*ck?"

Note: I take no responsibility for the changed behavior of yours and your children's. Read at your own risk.

My diary is no where to be found! Wtf???

Ok.. I'm sorry if you noticed a sudden increase of curse words in here but after living in US for a while, I think I have succumbed to the "bad" culture here. Sorry dad. I do not agree with u that Americans have limited vocabulary that's why they say "FUCK!"

My professor who is a super intelligent guy, uses the word "fuck" once in a while in class too. And he certainly has no limited vocabulary. He is actually known to use bombastic words that nobody understands.

I guess the word "fuck" is used when you just want to express your inner frustration towards random workings of the universe which so happens to choose u and mess you up.

So instead of saying "I'm totally and absolutely frustrated with life right now for playing random games at me and treating me like a particle of sand in a vast desert" I say "Fuck this!"

Instead of saying "I'm so tired with my life right now and I just wanna go back home because I'm horribly home sick,"

I say "my life is fucked up right now.."

So much easier don't you think so?

And people can't be bothered to hear your grandmother's story of how bad your life is right now. The moment you say "my life is fucked up," people immediately nods understandingly and sympatize with you.

I mean, everyone has the same shit as you. What makes you think you have a worst off life than your neighbor? The only thing they want to know is that you're feeling as hopeless as them with all these randomness in life. And everyone is together in this.

Don't get me wrong. I don't use the word "fuck" in every sentence of my daily conversations. Quite the contrary actually. I used to be the girl that frowns upon people that used this awful word. But when used correctly, this word can actually help express your inner frustration towards life in general.

I mean, what's wrong with that? We need a little release once in a while. Nobody is asking you to kill somebody or bang a car..

I am not..

Back to my lost diary. Instead of saying "I can't believe why my pretty diary ,which has only one entry cannot be found in my tiny little room,"

I say "What the FUCK?"

Yup.. That is basically it. Nothing improper about it. The word "fuck" only carries a negative meaning if you give it that. Nothing sexual or discriminating about it. Its just a word. A very useful one indeed. And if used properly, not in every sentence, it can carry lots of meaning.

So everybody now... "FUCK!!!"

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Arth Akal said...

indeed it is! even my dad says it sometimes.

we all know its level of vulgarity can be measured on how we string the word fuck with another.
i bet your super intelligent professor don't go around cursing "fuck you, asshole!" to his students for no reason, right?

the word fuck is so commonly used these days that it is no longer explicit cos technically, fuck can be used casually to describe how horrible/messed up something, someone or a situation is. also depending on when and where you think it is appropriate to say fuck. I mean, it's still rude word, is it not? heh heh

just my 3 cents (3 bcos my comment is 'fuckin' long) ;p