Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mother's Day

Uh-Oh.. Mother's Day is around the corner. Em... because I'm overseas, and the mailing system in Vietnam is not really trustworthy, am I given the right to not send anything to my mum?

Argh... Obligations of a daughter.

I mean she knows I.. em... kinda... em.... *cough* *cough* love her right? +.+

All these marketing gimmicks! Us poor college students have to fall prey to. How the hell are we gonna get money to pay for jewelry, cosmetics, spa treatments, flowers, chocolate and everything?

What did you say? Valentine's Day? Well.. em.. that's different. =P haha..

And then, Father's Day is coming.

Well, its the thought that counts right? The fact that I THOUGHT about buying something already shows my mum how much I care right? She should be happy about that. Hehe..

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