Thursday, April 23, 2009


I never thought I'll say this but the past few days has been unbearingly HOT!!! Argh.. since when does California have such hot weather???

I know I have been complaining day in day out about how cold the weather here is and everything but... And cold here does not mean freezing cold mind you. We're in Southern California for crying out loud! This place is where O.C beach, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach reside. All the spoil brats that fill the American Network Stations are all here!!!

But the last few days have been HOT!!! Crazily HOT! 100F!!! And about 30C for those non American people!!! Even patio furniture covers doesn't sound appealing right now!!! Coz I just wanna stay in the room and blast my air-conditioner!!!

This is coming from me that actually loves hanging out under the sun. Ok.. a little bit. But at least I love the sun in California much more than Malaysia.

Thank goodness its starting to get colder again. Please punch me if I start complaining about the cold.


zewt said...

certainly, it's still not as hot as here right...

california? complain to arnold swhazerneger

-Princess Shin- said...


Oh my god.. It is seriously hotter in Malaysia. Ahh.. Help!!! =.= Boohoo..