Thursday, April 23, 2009

Its that time of the year again..

That time of the year is fast approaching again. Every year at this time, thousands of students around the US are making their final preparations to finally graduate and enter the rough and tough working world. For those that are already working, is the working world really that cold and unbending?

I kinda think so..

With all these economic crisis going on, are these students going to be able to find a job to pay for their rents? Let's not even mention trying to find a dream job. The important thing here is to start paying of their student loans. Are companies still looking for people? Maybe the easiest thing is sales job search. I mean, everyone still needs to consume goods right? Buying and selling may decrease, but there are still people out there that buy stuff. We still need to live and enjoy no?

Sigh.. another 2 years for me. God knows what will happen..

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