Monday, April 27, 2009

Quiet Dream

Recently SUA had an alumni that came back to the university to share with us his experiences after graduation. I always worry about my future especially with what I'm studying right now. Even though I love what I study and everything. Sometimes it bugs me that society only rewards people with a professional degree like engineering, and law, just to give some examples. What I have is a Liberal Arts degree.

Who would want that?

But listening to the student share his experience really gave me hope that I can actually do something of a substance in the future. Of course money is important. I definitely wanna do something that will able to help the community but at the same time, I have to be realistic too right? I still need to put food on the table.

He actually went to a graduate school to study Peace and Conflict Resolution. And during the summer, he even went to Palestine for an internship. For some weird reason, I always dream about going to Palestine one day, and imagine doing an internship there! I don't know why Palestine. I mean, you might ask, why wouldn't I dream of going to Europe, or some pretty Western country?

All developed countries are all the same. They have high technological stuff, and their people only care about making more money! And coming from a Muslim country, I always had a soft spot for the conflict between Israel and Palestine. I may sound really idealistic and naive, but one day, I will be able to work in Palestine, even for a summer. =)

Did you know that Malaysians can't go into Israel? Urgh.. I don't know whether to jump for joy in support of it or cry of frustration. On one hand, I totally agree with Malaysia for supporting Palestine and condemming Israel for its actions. But after so many years of conflict, both sides are equally guilty. And Malaysia shouldn't ban ALL Malaysians from entering Israel as a country, and vice versa. Its the government that is at fault here. Not the people itself.

Sigh.. We need some change of attitude of those people up there! =.=

My point is, although I know the future is kinda bleak especially with the economic crisis and everything, somehow, I'm still hopeful that I'll be able to find a job that pays me well but at the same time, give me satisfaction that I am helping the society.

I hope the world does not change me into a pessimistic person.

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