Monday, March 10, 2008

Wow.. What is becoming of Malaysia?

I have always been not very interested with politics, especially the ones happening in Malaysia, though I do know some basics things, like the stuff I learn in Pengajian Am when I was in Form 6 and that Malaysia is mainly govern by BN and that all the opposition parties though there exist, they don't really play a big role in anything.

But this year its absolutely different!!! Wow.. I am so surprised!!! Selangor is under DAP now!!! Wowowowow.... It is such a weird feeling finding it out from the newspaper online. I know there was gonna be an election on Saturday but I kinda forgot about it till Cody mentioned it to me during one of our daily phone calls. He told me that DAP has won Selangor!!! I was like.. "What?" That has never happen before!!! Selangor? One of the major cities in Malaysia is not under BN anymore?

Wow.. what does this mean then? Decrease toll rates? No more traffic samans? What can the new ruling party do? What are they allowed to do?

And BN has less than two-thirds of the majority votes? What does this mean anyway? Ah.. I'm a frog in the well! =(

Whatever it is.. it is definitely going to be an interesting year for Malaysia. What is going to happen in this 5 years? This is going to open new opportunities for Malaysians.. and I'm definitely excited about it. I just hope they don't disappoint us.

Our Tun wants our current prime minister to step down. But I think someone is too thick face to do anything. Ah well..

And.. I can actually vote now! Can you believe it?

Boohoo.. I'm old.

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