Monday, March 10, 2008

Buying Stuff Online!

Easter is coming!!! I don't really know what holidays this is all about but I know from reading story books that its all about beautifully colored eggs with candies and chocolates inside!!!

I have two friends that are obsessed with candies and sweets! Two Japanese friends, one guy and one girl! Seriously, I have never met anyone as crazy as them about anything sweet! This skinny friend of mine (UNFAIR!) can finish one whole box of chocolate in one hour and have another one the next hour. These two friends put together and finish a whole ice-cream store in just 3 hours! They are absolutely crazy!!!

Their birthdays are coming and me and my friends are planing to have a Easter celebration for them! We bought empty colored eggs and plan to put candies inside and hide them all over campus! They can slowly go find their hidden treasures in the canyon, under the table and stuff.

Can't wait! hehe..

But.. I have to buy presents for them too and I rarely go out!!! What should I do then?

Luckily I have which can provide me with cool coupons so I can save money when I buy stuff online! I love Gap clothes, and to get cheap electronics! Or maybe even Target and Dell home to find some interesting stuff to add in my room.

I'm gonna be so broke!

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