Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring break is almost here!

Ah.. just a few days more. I swear.. this is my toughest week ever!!! All due to my best friend, procrastination, I have left my mid-term bring home exam for my human rights class till the very last day to start doing it. I was given a week and I only completed it at 3:30 am today when it was due 10am that day itself. And tomorrow, I have another mid-term but this is gonna be an in-class paper.

I always have a dilemma, should I go and have a good night's sleep and have a energize brain tomorrow but didn't do any studying or, should I study the whole night but have a dead brain tomorrow?

Don't tell me that I should have studied earlier coz its a little too late now but..

Tell me.. what should I do?

Though I always end up making sure I read everything before I go to bed, with my dead brain! Sigh.. being a student is tough! Being a lazy student is even tougher!

Can't wait for spring break. Gonna go make some Las Vegas hotel reservations now!

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Josette said...

:D I'm quite a lazy student too. I had about 2 months to do my assignments but only to end up doing them the day before they are due! Actually, most of the students are doing the same, too. Dunno why we like to wait until the last minute.

It's like enjoy first, work hard later. Ah, I should turn it the other way around. Word hard first, enjoy later!

Good luck to you!