Monday, February 11, 2008

Roommate problems!

I am facing so much problems with my roommate recently that it is giving me headache every single day. I really don't know what to do about it. Since I'm from Malaysia, I'm always feeling cold around here even though people say California is never cold. Therefore, I on the heater every single day. But you know what my roommate loves to do? She'll turn off the heater when I'm in the room and when I get up in the morning, I'll freeze to death.

Is it because she's hot? No... She claims to want to save energy!!!!

Argh!!! I have the privilege to have a heater and I want to make full use of it!!!! She can stay outside the dorms and save as much energy as she wants but dont make me freeze to death because of her sudden interest in saving global warming!

Its so frustrating I tell you. She knows I hate the cold but she still does it. What should I do?

Did u know what I wanted to do when I found out she turned off my heater and the room was around 15 degrees Celsius?

I wanted to on the A.C and make it under 0 Celsius! That'll make her feel what is real cold.

But of course I din do it. But I wanted too!!! Boohoo... I'm bad!

I don't wanna get my own heater because then I'll have to spend money to buy one.

Ah.. people keep saying communication communication. But how do u want me to communicate with her?

Ah... Green planet should recruit her! >.<


peng said...

Just layer up when u sleep XD
or buy a better quilt
or request to change room

Happy Chinese New Year!

p/s I got lots of ang paus! muahaha..

kaseyleem said...

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Josette said...


Erm, why don't you try asking her ONE more time? If that doesn't work then, like Peng said, just layer up your clothes.

When I was in China in Dec, the temperature got as low as 13 at night, I wore 3 layers of tops (wool underneath, normal long-sleeved shirt, and sweater), long john pants, normal pants, gloves, and socks! Anyway, just wear wool, it's sure to keep you warm.

And your roommate....uh, don't know what to say lah! Haha! Maybe later you'll get used to the temperature there like her? =D Good luck!

Menchie said...

too bad about your roommate. Not that I am encouraging you to do something bad (ok, I AM! I AM!) but if I were you, I'd do something she doesn't like too and THEN you guys can talk about it. :D

3POINT8 said...

get an electric blanket perhaps?

-Princess Shin- said...

I dont wanna layer up! I wanna sleep with a big t-shirt and a short! Argh.. All is solve though so no worries! Haha..

Damn u and your ang paus! Bluek! Hehe..

Hey! Thanks for dropping by! I'll certainly drop by your blog! I'm glad you like it. Do drop by more often! Hope to see u soon!

Hello! Long time no see! Haha.. how are you? I don't wanna layer my clothes! I like to wear thin comfy clothes to sleep! But no worries, all is well now! I put up a sign next to the heater asking her not of off it so I'm having my heater now! Haha..

Hi!!! I missed you! Haha.. you're so cute! I so wanna do that but I'm just too good a person to actually do it! Don't know whether its a good thing or not! Take care! =)

You wanna buy for me? =P