Thursday, February 21, 2008

Are u desperate to be slim?

If you had noticed, weight loss advertisements are everywhere!!! Everywhere you go you are bombarded with images of stick thin underage girls and pictures of fat women losing 100 pounds to become the slim sexy women they are now.. Its like the public is telling you that its wrong to be fat!
Its even worst in America when even radio stations have advertisements about the ideal weight. The slogan will always be something like, "Do you want to attract the sexy guy in your office?" or "Do you want to feel good about yourself?". What happen to feeling good no matter how you look? I swear the advertisements out here are so much more out there that if I am a young naive teenage girl, I'll be anorexic!

Do you think weight loss pills work?

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pamsong said...

Eeee. Too scary lah. Heard too many horror stories.