Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nice warm baths

Being in the US, you just don´t realized how different the weather can get between Malaysia and US. For the past 6 months, the only time that I have ever sweat is when I am busy vacuming my room. That is the only time. Most of the time, I´m always cool or cold. Never ever hot. Now that it is winter, it is even worst! I have to wear thicker clothig when I go out. And because the weather in California especially Orange County isn´t THAT cold, it is quite embrassing when you layer yourself when other just walk out with a thin sweater.

That why I love my hots baths. One of the perks of being in my university is that all the bathrooms comes with a tub. And though I know it is super terrible to bath in hot tubs because it uses so much water, I do indulge myself once in a blue moon.

And it is heavenly!

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