Monday, January 14, 2008

My little brother is turning 15 today!!!

Yup!!! Time is passing so fast!!! My little brother, aka, the pest, the monkey, the boy whose my mother´s son is turning 15 today!!!

Boy.. do I feel old.

I have always had a bad relationship with my brother. Maybe its because of the wide age difference between us but somehow we just don´t really get along.

I think we were much closer when he was around 2 and I, 8. That was when he would bite me around my arms, or pull my hair. At least we still had physical contact or some communication. Even though it was to scream at each other. But after I went to high school, we just stopped talking. He would place himself in front of the computer all day long and would only come down for dinner. Sometimes if he had his way, he would eat in front of the computer or not go out with us for dinner.

I always thought it was his fault that we had such a terrible relationship. But recently, my dad told me that my brother actually respects me a lot and that I should work harder because i´m the oldest sister. I was super angry at first, how dare my dad tell me that. But after that incident, i started to put in a little more effort in getting to know my brother and even though we rarely talk especially since I am in US, occasionally we do talk on skype and the other day for the first time on the phone.

I just wanna take this opportunity to wish my little baby brother ´Happy Birthday´ and even though he may be a pest sometimes (99.99 percent of the time) I do love him a lot.

Happy Birthday little brother. Don´t go start taking drugs and making girls pregnant!!!


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