Thursday, January 10, 2008

Branded stuff

I know its bad but I have always been a branded girl. If the item that I´m buying has the brand that I like, no matter how stupidly expensive it is, or how other non-branded items seems to look much better, I will still go for the branded one. Boohoo.. So shoot me! That´s why I´m always poor! And that´s why branded stuff gets more and more expensive with more and more advertisements! I´m a sucker for marketing gimmicks! That´s what my dad always say, mainly because he is the one behind all the marketing gimmicks!

I didn´t know there are Nike golf clubs too!!! I thought golf is more old CEO´s who have nothing else better to do but I guess after Tiger Woods things have change! I wonder if they come in pink! I would absolutely love them!

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