Monday, January 28, 2008

After Two Months

Oh my goodness, you cannot believe how out of shape I am. Ok, I know, you couldn't care less but oh my goodness. After two whole months of not swimming, I am like a giant hippopotamus in a pool! Can't move at all! =( Argh..

And I thought I could swim in the Amazon River. I wish!

Today for swimming practice we didn't go into the pool because it was absolutely too cold to do it. Correction, none of us wanted to go into the pool because it was raining and the coaches had no choice. Hehe.. so we did dry land practice instead! Boy! Was it hard. We did 15 minutes of cardiac training. I didn't bring my tennis shoes so I went on the the cycling machine instead. We had an elliptical machine too and it was quite fun going on it. The remaining 45 mins of our time was used for weight training. I didn't realize how many weight machines I had in my university's gym! And to my very surprise, I can do pull ups! Hehe.. though I think I'm more like lifting a quarter of my weight. But still! Hehe...

Argh... Large muscles here I come!!! >.<

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