Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Are insurance really that important?

Hmm.. I dunno about you but I always thought that this insurance thing was kinda weird. I always thought that insurance was just another 'easier' way for people to earn more money. I mean, paying a company every single month just so that 'if' something happens, you will be able to get some financial help? I mean, what are the chance for something bad to happen? And everywhere you go, there seems to be millions of people selling insurance, especially something like term life insurance!

But, that was what I thought when I was younger. Now that I'm kinda 'older' now, I do understand the logic behind it. Anything can happen and will happen. Take the California fire for instance, those families lost their homes in just one day! Though it may seem like a trouble to have to see your savings go down a little bit every month, it is definitely worth it when something bad does happen!

Touch wood everyone!

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