Friday, March 16, 2007

Telemarketing, What do you think?

Ok guys. I need your opinion in this. I have worked for telemarketing jobs before. You know those kind where a telemarketer calls you with his/her high chirpy voice and sells you a product?

What do you think of them?

I agree some maybe really pursuasive and wouldn't hang up the phone unless you slam down personally but not everyone is like that. And I do agree that some telemarketers are selling products which are totally fake or telling you again and again that you have just won like $10000 ringgit. And ask you to come over to the office and collect the prize but in actual fact its a scam to get you to buy something?

Yes.. I know they can be rather annoying esp if you are having something on or you're busy but what if that product is really interesting and beneficial to you?

And what if he or she is not calling to sell a product, he/she calls you because you're some CEO or General Manager of the company and would like to invite you to attend a seminar which was organized by maybe Microsoft, or say IBM. And you can actually learn something from it. And you get free breakfast, lunch and tea. And maybe some goodie bag too. Would you be interested to attend? How do you feel when these people call you when you're working?

What about if somebody calls you and ask you to attend a forum or some discussion thing to discuss on your area of expertise and PAY you money to attend. Would you be interested to attend? Or would you say no RIGHT after the telemarketer finish reading his/her script immediately?


What would you do? These people need opinions on some products or some service and they need your help to tell them what you think. And they value you because they know you're in the field and have experience in that product or service. And they even pay you for it. Would you be interested?

Some people are just plain rude I tell you. From my experience in during these jobs, I had some really nasty people that immediately give you a big NO without giving you a chance to speak!!! What if you were in my shoes? I have a whole list to call and I have target to fill. And day in day out I get multiple rejections for whatever reasons.

So if you receive some telemarketers' call, and you're really not interested, just say a kind no. And try to feel bad about it. You are rejecting people right? So say it kindly la.

If not pain pain you know. Let people reject again and again.

That's why I don't like telemarketers job. Other than facing the phone all day long which is so monotonous, you have to deal with people that couldn't care less what you're feeling is.

But its not that terrible. There are some people that are super nice. They joke with you and actually try and be nice to you. These people are really hard to find but they do exist. And even if they do reject you, it doesn't really matter coz they just made your day.

So do be nice to telemarketers okay? They maybe your friend's kids, your niece or nephews, or even me! =)


hcfoo said...

I think it is reasonable if people reject without giving chance to the telemarketer to speak. There are too many scams going on and people are aware of it.

For myself, I would prefer if the telemarketer who called me follow up with a formal letter of invitation/brochure. But so far I don't see any telemarketer do that.

zewt said...

yeah... most of the time... we just hang up. i seriously dont believe that telemarketing works... though i have been one when i was still studying and did complete 5 sales to qualify for the first level of commission. quite proud of it then. but not before i got turned down like a million times.

Miss Positive said...

Hmm...I have never gotten a call from any telemarketers. Haha! But, if I do get one, I'll just hand the phone over to my mom. She'll handle them better than me cos I'm kind and will patiently listen to them. Haha!

MerapuMan said...

Actually, some of my vendors got to be one thru telemarketing. they just happend to call at the right time when we were looking for something. If you dont need it, be polite and just say no, but allow them to fax/email u their info. you may need them later.

-Princess Shin- said...

Even if they're a lot of scams out there there is no excuse in treating telemarketers rudely. They're just doing their jobs. And I do follow up with an e-mail or fax. Maybe yours doesn't.

Thanks for your opinion.

Yeah.. You can call over 200 people and only get like 5 people to go for your thing. Its quite depressing actually. But its bad to just hang up. Telemarketers are poor people. LIke me.. Boohoo..

miss positive,
Haha... I don't normally get phone calls by them. There was only once where they told me that me and my husband were invited to some tea in a hotel. And I'm not even married! Not even closed! Haha..

Yup!!! I totally agree with you. Haha.. you're indeed a nice guy. Faster give me your number so i can 'disturb' you! Haha..

Sharina said...

Hm, did you work with CE? cos... I have a feeling we've worked at the same place.

I used to do telemarketing for CE. And I had to call CEO's and such in regards for seminar's and breakfast with Microsoft/IBM/symantec etc