Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Visual DNA

Got this from Merapuman's blog.

He has such interesting stuff! =)

Interesting stuff! You choose the things you like and it will explain to you later what kind of person you are. Quite accurate I must say. Seriously.

I'm impressed! Go try it!


offline Geek said...

not bad. Couldn't say it is really dat accurate. anyws, thanks.

v I v E k said...

it was true onli but not true:p

Keshi said...

whoaaaaaaaa some interesting stuff abt me there :)


Merv Kwok said...

looks interesting! think i'll give this a go when i get home

-Princess Shin- said...

0ffline geek,
it was accurate for me. Haha.. What did they say about you that weren't true?

Thanks for visiting!

Hello! Welcome back! What you mean by true only but not true? then is it true?

really? wanna share? Hehe..

merv kwok,
have fuN!!! Share with me what kind of person you are ya! =)

MerapuMan said...

so, you got it already. :)

-Princess Shin- said...

yeah. Something to do with not making it in the middle or something. Weird wan la blogger. Sometimes wanna put you tube video also cannot! You don't have this kinda problem?

MerapuMan said...

it happens when u switch between the preview, html, text. it happens to me a lot of times but i know what to do already. the best way is to finish up whatever u want to write then only paste the html codes, then publish.