Friday, March 09, 2007

In Goes the Car-my fault!

Oh dear.. the car that I have so painstakingly wash is not stuck in a ditch somewhere in PJ. >.< And its all my fault.

Remember when I told you that the car belongs to my boyfriend? Well he juz called me a few hours ago to tell me that he's brother needs the car to go to school tomorrow. Both his parents are outstation. So the plan was either I fetch the brother to school at 7am or I sent the car back now and have him drive to school alone tomorrow.

Keeping in mind that his brother just got he's license a few weeks ago. And has never driven ALONE before.

You know how its like, you just got your license and you're as raw as a raw steak. Ok.. whatever but u get my drift!

Due to the fact that I don't wanna wake up so early in the morning, I choose the latter.

So I sent the car back to his house and let him drive me back.

Up till then there wasn't any problem. Before I got down from the car, I told him to msg me when he got home and ask him to drive home carefully.

After 30 minutes, (it takes around 15 minutes from my house to get to his house) he calls me. Guess what happen?

"The tire fell into the ditch!"


"I was parking the car at the small alley and the front tire fell into the ditch. What should I do?"

Em.. right. What should I do? My mind went blank for a second. I couldn't do anything. I can't drive all the way there coz I didn't have any car. And even if I did went there. What could I do?

Then I remembered I had a galfriend whose car went into the ditch too. But lucky her that time was during the day. So she had plenty of helpers to help her carry the car up.

So I ask him,

"Do you have any friends that you can call to help you? Uncles or something? Friends? Neighbors? Anyone! You just need 4 or 5 to help you."

"Em.. I don't know." came the reply.

"Em.. You want me to call one of my friends? My old school mate that lives nearby?"

"Em.. no needla!" came the reply.

Em... Ok.. What should I do then? Me the culprit. I was the older one here. I knew better. I shouldn't have let him drive in the first place. Now I feel totally responsible for everything. But I can't seem to find a solution to this! Its 1 am in the morning. Who would come and help you?

"Ok. Why don't you leave it until tomorrow then call somebody to help you? The mechanic or something? Just make sure you lock the car door properly ya?"

"Em.. Ok.. I'm still thinking of what to do" came the reply again.

Fine. I put down the phone and started thinking. There's this thing called AAM (Automobile Association of Malaysia). Its a service where they'll come to you anytime you have an accident. They'll charge you of coz. The thing is I'm a member. Or my mum is. And if I'm a member, I'm entitled to call them anytime and the service would be free. So should I go over? Call my mum to fetch me there or something?

Should I tell my mum? She seems so angry with me.

So I call his brother again. And guess what? He called AAM and they'll be coming shortly. And guess how much they're charging? RM100!!! that's like USD $28.6! Dunno whether that's alot in US dollars but it is certainly a lot for student like him. But he had already called them.

I was still feeling all so guilty that I couldn't do anything. And I didn't dare tell my bf too. Least he gets angry or something. Furthermore he's brother called me and not him. I think he didn't want his brother to know. Bf can't do anything anyway. He's like 2 hours away!

So I finally went to my mum and ask about the AAM thingy. She told me that even if I was present, it would be no use. My mum would have to be there to show them her card. And..

I think everything was a bit too late. ITs like 1:15 am now. I can't ask my mum to drive over there. Then she proceeded to scold me. Asking me why I take other people's car to use. I should know better. Letting an amateur drive a car. I should have ask her to pick me up from his house and not let him drive all the way here and back again.

I'm the older one. I should know better. I should know how to think!

Yeah.. adding salt to injury. Thanks mum! I really need that. I feel so much better now. Sigh..

Told my bf in the end anyway. He seemed weird. Couldn't tell whether he was angry anot. He did cursed! But he does that all the time so. Dunno whether he blames me anot! Anyway, he doesn't read my blog so no worries.

Sigh... Its all my fault!

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